Daydreams & Nightdreams is a self-published and award-winning children’s book written by Cory Doyle and illustrated by Jeff Karl.

Written in lyrical verse, Daydreams & Nightdreams is set in a dreamland and tells the parallel stories of two children, Adam and Evelyn. Their journeys intertwine, meet and, in the end, become one and the same. First, the reader chooses which story to start with: Adam’s story or Evelyn’s story.

Adam is having a daydream, so in that tale the reader follows Adam’s adventure through the Land of Daydreams. Evelyn is having a night dream. In that story the reader follows her on a journey through the Land of Nightdreams. On their travels, Adam and Evelyn both encounter four guardians. These guardians help Adam and Evelyn each find the end of their dream: the Great Dream Tree, where Adam and Evelyn meet for the very first time.